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Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance to optimize your IT environment.

Advanced Security Solutions to protect your IT and Network Infrastructure.

Leverage Cloud environments to reduce overhead and increase uptime. 

Ensure that your data is backed up and secure with customized backup solutions. 

Customized Solutions to meet your needs.

Let our experts help with your IT needs.

Plan and execute to achieve your business goals. 

In depth review of your security posture to ensure you are protected.

Monitor and Protect your IT Environment with Advanced Security Solutions. 

Defend and Protect against spam and malicious email threats. 

Educate your employees to identify and respond effectively to threats. 

About Us

Customized IT Support
Annex Systems Inc. is an IT Consulting, Services and Support firm dedicated to assisting our clients in any way. We provide first-class support and offer a wide range of services to handle your technology needs. As experts in the IT field we provide a ‘one-stop’ complete solution for your business. With our services you can focus on your business rather than the technology you need to keep it running.
We provide customized IT solutions based on your needs. We partner with you to eliminate downtime and to keep your business moving forward. 

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We are very proud to be serving our local area for over 35 years!